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JEE Main 2016

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WBJEE 2017

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How do I get 95% in boards with 1.5 months of studying?

Do these Three things and you are bound to get 95% or above-
1) read NCERT line by line very seriously
2) see each question (excercise + intext+ solved) of NCERT, may take help of Arihant solutions to ncert if you haven't prepared yourself.
3) Buy CBSE previous 8 years question bank by ARIHANT(or any other) for each subject in january, solve each question of it.
Before two days of exam see ncert and previous years' papers quickly.


I also remembered the whole periodic table. It was fun doing that. I had completed 85% of my JEE advanced syllabus in 4 months. So I used to study for about 14–15 hours a day. My time table is also very unique.
One day (around the end of September 2015), I sat and thought a lot about the solution to this problem for whole of the day. Then I devised some techniques to save time, classified topics and arranged them in a specific order so that the efficiency can be maximized. I don’t remember all of them but some of them are as listed below:
  1. Divide your time between Physics, Chemistry and Maths so that you can study each of them daily.
  2. Wake up daily at 7 AM. Just brush your teeth and wash your face and have breakfast. Don’t take bath in the morning.
  3. Always start your day with maths. In the beginning of the day, you are very efficient and mathematics is the one subject which needs whole of your brain. I used to start with 5–6 hours maths daily.
  4. After doing maths, the clock strikes around 2. Now you will feel exhausted. At this time you may take your bath and have your food. Due to the bath, you will regain the freshness of morning. And now you may start with Physics or Physical Chemistry topics. These topics require a relatively lesser brain. Study them for as long as you can and then switch to the Inorganic and organic chemistry.
  5. When it is around 7 you can switch to the organic and inorganic chemistry because these subjects require a lot of theory and lesser brain.
  6. When you are near the end of your day ( I ended at around 1 or 2), just plan what and how will you do the next day.
  7. Do questions in the morning and theory in the evening. Do questions on whatever theory was studied by you overnight.
It was a very torturing time table. It's like using yourself like a machine.
  • Outcome :
I was able to complete almost 95% of the syllabus till January end and that too very thoroughly. Then I switched to Board preparation. I did a lot practice papers before Mains and Advanced. Finally my scores in various exams are :
  1. AIR 247 in JEE Advanced. (224/372)
  2. AIR 1514 in JEE Mains. (254/360)
  3. 372/450 in BITSAT.
  4. 94.8 % in CBSE Board.